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Cape Stay Subscriber Application Terms and Conditions

Cape Stay strives to provide superior web creation service to all of its customers. This letter outlines the terms and conditions under which we provide this service.

We undertake to create and publish your website based on your representation that you have the right to publish and display the content.

You agree to provide Cape Stay with material that is final and finished - before the design or development of your site. Final material includes your property name, text, rates, contact details, online form requirements and photographs, as well as any instruction regarding "look and feel" and layout. Any change orders (edit requests) received after the design or development of your site has commenced that will affect the "look and feel" or layout of your site will be subject to additional charges at our hourly rate.

All information provided must accurately portray the nature of your accommodation facilities and services. Note that we will not list properties in areas where they are not located and we will not list properties under categories that are not relevant to the accommodation provided.

Cape Stay reserves the right to refuse any Subscriber Website application or annual subscription renewal without explanation.

Under no circumstances will you be allowed to replicate any original Material created by Cape Stay for use in other online or offline publications. Such Material includes logos, the site layout/design and all code. This Material remains the property of Cape Stay and may not be distributed for use elsewhere. Non-compliance will result in the immediate and permanent removal of your property from Cape Stay and all associated sites without notice.

You agree to indemnify Cape Stay against any expense, liability, claim or loss that results from any claims arising out of online publication and display of your website.

Once submitted and approved, your Subscriber Website application is valid for a period of seven (7) days.

Should you decide to cancel / postpone the publication of your Subscriber website, written notification is required and all work and expenses incurred to the date of cancellation will be invoiced.

After site completion, a COD invoice will be issued. The invoice must be paid within 7 days in order for the site to be published.

Site updates are done free of charge for our subscription paying subscribers. Commission based subscribers will be accorded free rates changes, ALL OTHER changes/maintenance will be charged at R250 half hour, or part thereof, and payment must be settled immediately. NO maintenance will be performed if your account reflects an outstanding balance owed to Cape Stay.

Please send us cancellation and/or modification notices in writing. In the case of cancellations, 30 days' notice is required and no refund is payable.

You are required to notify us in writing of any change of property ownership. Please send us a signed letter informing us of the concluded sale. Should the new owners wish to continue with the Cape Stay subscription, they need to fax a signed letter to Cape Stay, stating that they are taking ownership of the property, that they wish to continue with the Cape Stay subscription and accept the Terms and Conditions of service.

Cape Stay will not be liable for delays in publishing, delivery, non-delivery, or other errors as a result of events beyond our control including Acts-of-God, actions by any government entity, fire, flood, riot, explosion, embargo, strikes, labour or material shortage, transportation interruption, Internet or communications failure.

Cape Stay cannot assure that emails generated from this website are free of errors, virus attachments, interception or interference.

Any service(s) provided herein is provided on an "as-is" basis and Cape Stay makes no express or implied warranties or representations of whatsoever nature with respect to any such service.

We do business with our clients under these Terms and Conditions. We are not bound by conditions printed or appearing on instructions by advertisers which conflict with these Terms and Conditions without our express written consent.

All rates are subject to change.